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In official documents I am named Siegfried Kohlert, but everyone actually knows me only as 'Siggi'. I was born in 1970 and currently living in Unterspiesheim, a small village close to Schweinfurt/Germany.

I was fascinated by the beauties and secrets of the universe since my childhood. Thus I very early became a proud owner of a small refractor (however of unbelievable bad optical quality). The more books I've read about astronomy , the bigger became my wish for a 'real' telescope. Thanks to my grandfather, one year later was there really a 114/900mm Newton telescope under the Christmas tree. With this telescope I 'chased' many years for Messier objects and also started first attempts in astrophotography usings dads SLR. (Piggy-Pack and real manual guiding by rotating the ???Achswellen??!)

Three years ago, after a very long non-astro phase the astrovirus infected me again, when I dug out my old telescope in order to show my kids the fascination of the universe. During my Internet search for a new suitable telescope, I discovered many impressing images made by amateur astronomers with 'standard' telescopes and DSRLs. I became aware immediately that I want to make such impressive pictures too. So I purchased 2006 a 10" Schmidt Newton on a LXD-55 mount and a Canon 300D DSLR. In the meantime I have a new (better) DSLR, a smaller Telescope (8" Newton) and I also upgraded the mount already twice. And till now I try to use every opportunity which free time and weather offer me to catch the light of unbelievable distant celestial objects and to perpetuate in a pleasant and fascinating image.

Currently I'm imaging either in the garden or in the inner courtyard, which is quite convenient. However, there's only a restricted field of view due to neighboring houses and there's also some disturbing street lighting and other outdoor lighting. So every now and then I move my equipment to the grounds of a solar power plant if there seems to be a longer period of good weather. At that location I have quite reasonable conditions and good visibility all around to the horizon. Only in the north-west is the NPP Grafenrheinfeld and in the north the city lights of Schweinfurt. If this site proves to be good, I have the opportunity to build an observatory here...

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