Astrophotography by Siegfried Kohlert

Welcome to my website about astrophotography.

In spend my free-time by taking photos of astronomical objects, in particular of Deep Sky objects, i.e. everything outside of our solar system. In my Galleries you find both, images of interesting objects of our galaxy (the Milky Way) like nebulae and star clusters, and in addition many images of far-off galaxies .

You are just regarding the first english version of my website. So please ignore any possible translation mistakes. (By the way: I appreciate any hints on mistakes or improvements!)
I plan to develop this site gradually in the future, in particular adding some relevant information on astrophotography and image processing. In case of good weather at night of course some new images will appear too. Thus I invite you to revisit my site from time to time.

I hope you'll enjoy surfing on and regarding my images! If you like my work, you can please me by leaving a message in my Guestbook.

Waldbuettelbrunn, February 2010
Siggi Kohlert
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